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Traveling to Goa is often hailed as a sign of attaining adolescent in India. Her long stretched coast line promises a new kind of free. Once a part of the iconic Hippie trail that flourished all the way from Europe to Nepal, Goa gave birth to a “New Found Land”, where you can just be, drifting away from the prejudices and societal niceties that bind you beyond logic can reason wish! You do not visit Goa just once. You want to live there, get drunk on the intangible elixir that Arabian Sea serves with salty breeze! I visited Goa on a long weekend trip from Bangalore. I revisited Goa with another set of friends, in between a lot of failed Goa trip planning which are an incumbent part of Indian Millennial’s growing up experience! Then life happened and I visited Goa for “work”, I mean travel blogging multiple times. Each time, I visit, Goa opens a new chapter from past, while siting glorious nature by side. Quick & useful Information about Goa travel: Language spoken: Konkoni, Marathi. Largely understood- English and Hindi. Famous for Beautiful beaches, water-sports, night-markets, sea food, yoga, nightlife Safer place to travel to for solo women in India It is a tiny state. Prosperous and with higher literacy rate. One of the leading tourist destinations in India.

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